M1 Mirror Taxi meter

Electronic Mirror Taximeter, printer capable, 64 fully independent and smart tariffs automatically managed by the time, date, distance, fare amount; self-powered clock/calendar, 45 counters for driver's and owner's accountancy, fully programmable, memory.

Digitax M1 Mirror Taximeter is the first taximeter obtaining the european MID certification by NMI.

Dimension (WxHxD mm) 28 x 8,5 x 2,5
Weight Gr. 350 ca.
Displays Fare counter:
- 6 Digits Red High-Luminosity Led
Extra counter:
- 5 Digits Red High-Luminosity Led
Illuminated Front Text
1 Digit tariff index
Power Supply From 8,5 to 16 Volts
Temperature From -15 to 70 C.
Relative Humidity 95%
Mechanical Strenght 3 g
Distance Unit From 10 cm. to 6553 meters
Step 10 cm.
Totalizator Mode Dataflash 1Mb
45 + 45 Statistic Memory
12 x 45 Monthly Statistic
50 x 45 Statistics for each Driver
Tariff Structure 63 Smart and fully indipendent Tariffs
+8 Night Tariffs
+8 Holiday Tariffs
+4 Autofare Tariffs
+4 Autidistance Tariffs
Tariff Choice Manual
Automatic at pre-programmed:
   - Distance(s)
   - Time(s)
   - Date(s)
   - Fare(s)
   - Amount(s)
Tariff Program Change Manual by Key
Via Radio
By Programmer
By Chip Card
By Infrared Programmervia software
Peripheral Connections Printer
Magnetic Card Reader
Chip Card Reader/Writer
Infrared Passenger Sensor
Mobile Data Terminal
Cellular Phone
Communications Ports Internal COM1 and COM2
RS232 +/- 12 Volts STD
4 Input/Output TTL level
Communications Protocols GMSI
Telecom It. (Upgradable)
Operative Firmware Upgradable firmware on Flash
Transducer Mechanical Hall Effect or Internal adapter for electronic speedometer up to 100.000 l/km
Power Outputs 1 Roof Light 25 Watts
4 Programmable power outputs 5 Watts



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