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The F4 Smart Taximeter represent the state of the art and new generation of smart taximeters
Its fully Certified by E-MARK, European MID and OIML notified body, comply with all international regulations for
Taximeters “OIML R21” of the “International Organization of Legal Metrology”.
The taximeter has been designed integrated with all peripherals built-in the same casing, allowing to protect
all the parts by a mechanical seal, preventing for any alter or modify in any way the operation of the taximeter
making it really inviolable thanks to the Integration “sealed all in one” with the following components:
A) Taximeter module
B) Embedded GPS receiver module with built-in antenna
C) Embedded GPRS / 3G modem with built-in antenna
D) Embedded Bluetooth module (for connection to cell phones and tablets with Drivers for Windows,
Android, iOS or other operating system)
E) Embedded Inertial accelerator at 9 axes.
F) Embedded printer



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