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Informative report on the treatment of personal information, according to the art. 13 of L. D. n. 196/03

The legislative decree n. 196, issued on the 30th of June 2003, establishes the right to the protection of anybody's personal information. In compliance with this rule, our Company, which has to manage your personal information, wishes to inform you in advance, according to the art. n. 13 of the L.D. n. 196/03, that this treatment will be made in observance of the principles of honesty, lawfulness and clearness and of the protection of your privacy and rights.

In particular, as far as the treatment of "personal information" is concerned (information that, according to the art. 4, paragraph 1, letter d, of the L.D. n. 196/03, are information that reveal racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other faiths, political opinions, joining to parties, trade unions, associations or organisations of religious, philosophical, political or union nature, and the personal information that could reveal health conditions and sexual life), the art. 26 of the L.D. n. 196/03 states that they can be treated only with the written consent of the concerned person.
Therefore, what follows is the explanation of the manner how we are going to treat your personal information:
The treatment has the following aims:

  1. The treatment made on the required information has the aim of processing your employment application.
  2. This treatment will be made with or without the aid of electronic means and will include all the operations or group of operations that are necessary to the treatment of the information involved.
  3. 3. The concerned person has all the rights stated by the art. 7, L. 196/03. Taking into account the aims of this treatment, the supplied non-public personal information, if not periodically updated, will be deleted from our archives after two years.

The treatment will be made by people appointed for this purpose, following these modalities:

  1. Manual
  2. Electronic

The consent to the treatment of your personal information is optional. If you do not give your consent, the electronic curriculum will be deleted, or the paper curriculum destroyed. People to whom your personal information could be disclosed or who could be acquainted with them, as in charge or appointed people, are the following: Management, people in charge of the personnel department and Function Managers, and people in charge of the web site management. In any case, your non-public and personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, if you do not give your express consent. You will be able to exercise your rights, as stated by the art. 7 of the L.D. n. 196/03, here annexed, contacting the person: Patrizia Cianforlini, Personnel Department Responsible - Zona Industriale S. Maria In Potenza - 62017 Porto Recanati (MC).

Italtax Srl.



Legislative Decree n. 196, 30th of June 2003 Art. 7 (Right of access to personal information and other rights)

  1. The concerned person has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal information that concern him, even though they have not been recorded yet, and their transmission in an intelligible way.
  2. The concerned person has the right to obtain information about:
  1. the source of the personal information;
  2. aims and modalities of the treatment;
  3. the applied logic, in case of treatment made with the aid of electronic instruments;
  4. the essential identification of the owner, of the people in charge and of the representative, appointed according to the paragraph 2 of the article 5;
  5. g. people or categories of people to whom personal information could be disclosed or who could be acquainted with them, as appointed representative within the nation, as managers or people in charge.
  1. The concerned person has the right to obtain:
  1. the updating, the correction or, when wished, the integration of supplementary information;
  2. the deleting, the modification in an anonymous form or the blockage of information treated in an unlawful manner, including information that are unnecessarily kept, in consideration of the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently treated;
  3. the certification that the operations stated in a) and b), together with their content, have been communicated to the people to whom information have been given or disclosed, except for the case in which this is impossible or involves the use of means expressly out of proportion to the protected right.
  1. The concerned person has the right to oppose himself, in whole or in part:
  1. for valid reasons, to the treatment of the personal information concerning him, even if pertinent to the aim of their collection;
  2. to the treatment of personal information that concern him at the aim of sending advertising or direct sale material, or of making market researches or commercial information.


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