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The Primary CPU is 400MHz Samsung and the ARM architecture allows this Device to supply a remarkable flexibility and efficiency in computing power, together with reduced power consumption.

The Secondary CPU AITP (Automotive Intensive Task Processor) supplies the necessary functionalities in the automotive field, like power management, Safe Shutdown, Wheel Pulses Odometer, Distance and Speed calculation, Wake-Up on Ring, Over-the-Air services for software and firmware updates.

The AITP is OTA programmable for remote automatic firmware upgrade, and is always powered ON; it can turn-ON and OFF the Device and all its peripherals.



The Device represents the state-of-the-art device for job dispatching and fleets management, an ALL-IN-ONE powerful and compact solution.

Its modem GPRS allows very reliable communication with operating headquarters. The vehicle can be located through the high performance GPS U-Blox 6 receiver with 50 channels, and compatible with the new European positioning system GALILEO.

Both GPS and GPRS modules can be powered ON and OFF regardless of Windows CE status.

A Hardware MUX Port is available which allows to send AT commands to the modem while the device is connected in GPRS, for example to request connection status, signal diagnostic and modem statistics. All the communication and tracking features are ensured by the AITP processor even when the Device is powered OFF: the GPS and GPRS modules are managed by the AITP both for power supply and for communications.



The 4.3 inches 16:9 clear readable TFT Displays with 480x272 resolution allows to develop versatile and high accessible applications, thanks to the integrated TouchScreen controller, and to the 9 keys with integrated LEDs.

The Hardware Keys avoid consumption and damage of the Touch Screen under heavily usage operations.

The ambient light sensor allows to choose an optimal brightness of the display in any environmental light.

The power key is a Smart Power Button, completely programmable and used to perform several important tasks such as:

normal press to start from System Disk

long press to start from microSD Card

long press to Shutdown CE safely

It can also be disabled or programmed to trigger Ghost Mode (fake shutdown).



Through this powerful functionality is possible to restore and to update the entire system anytime, starting from user application up to the complete operating system and all the CPU firmwares.

The system is able to boot from two different disks:

Flash Disk, used for applications and data;

microSD for large data storage (large maps, images, movies, logs) and for service (system initialization or restore).



Stealth mode is a special operating mode in which the system is working but the display is OFF. This feature can be useful in several situations:

Driver Control: System has also the wake up on ring feature, so at the central it is possible to remotely turn-ON the device (also in stealth mode so nobody can see that it is starting) in order to check vehicle position, internal audio listening and other data.

Ghost Mode: It is possible to set the device so that after pressing the shut down button the system goes on stealth mode instead of turning OFF. This feature is useful if you want the device to remain always ON (it turns OFF only the display, reducing power consumption) or in an alarm situation.

Alarm managing: If system is OFF and alarm button is pressed the system can be started in stealth mode, so nobody can see that the system starts. On this special start the system can be programmed for example to send an alarm message to the central, GPS position or also screenshots or audio.



The Device can withstand glitches at car start, or power loss problems thanks to the external UPS Battery system (option), that is automatically recharged.

The AITP processor gives time to user applications and Windows to gracefully and safely close in case of sudden disconnection of the Main Power.



The Device supplies a wide range of communication channels with the external environment: two USB Host, one USB Device and up to 2 Serial Ports (232 o 485).

The special programmable digital inputs and outputs allow to control devices and read signals coming from generic external equipments.




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