The Receipt Printer Mod. “TRE” from Digitax can achieve near optimal speed graphic printing, thanks to the advanced architecture and structured graphic data managment.

Bitmap Logos are kept inside the printer memory, thus allowing a fast retrieval and direct paper exposition, without the need to decode and plot line by line.

A powerful and yet simple compression protocol enhances both the printer speed and the transfer rate during the logo’s loading phase.

And all of this with no need to sacrifice the printing quality, since the exposition time stays untouched.

Besides, the relevant number of Bitmaps carried by the printer allows the user to program scheduled printings, conditioning logo’s appearence by date and time.

Really we can say that it is now possible to reach outstanding performances with no system overhead, by means of the Digitax Receipt Printer Mod. “TRE”.


The PRINTER TRE has a wide range of uses in addition to the standard printing ones:

  • High printing speed: 30 – 35 mm/sec
  • Power Supply: 9 – 16V
  • Easy paper change (Autoload)
  • Paper and sensor
  • ESC/POSTM emulation
  • Standard international characters font
  • Standard line printing with autofeed
  • Two dimension font scaling
  • Print Density
  • Online device checking
  • Graphic image mode for bitmap printings
  • Load Logos into printer memory (average logo size 3 Kb each)
  • Available memory for logo’s storage (30 Kb)
  • Print selected logo command
  • RS232 or TTL serial interface (2400 - 19200 bps)


Resolution 200 dpi (8dots/mm)
Maximum Print Speed 450 Dot Lines per second
Horizontal Dot Pitch 0.125 mm
Vertical Dot Pitch 0.125 mm
Printing Method Direct Termal, Line Dot Printing
Total Number of Dots / Line 384
Paper Standard Termal Paper 57 mm x 30 mm diameter
printable area 48 mm
Interface RS232 9600 Baud N81 or TTL
Credit Cart
Driver identification
Magnetic card reader embedded tracks I - II - III (Full version)
Temperature range (operation) 0° C to + 50° C
Temperature range (storage) -25° C to + 70° C
Humidity range (operation) 10% to 95% without condensation
Humidity range (storage) Up to 95% without condensation
note 1 To prevent stepper motor termal overheat, it is required to respect a maximum on/off printing ratio (duty cycle) of 80-90%
note 2 The printer may not print if power supply voltage is out of operating range 9 – 16V.



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