G14 Telematic Box

The G14 Telematic Box is a smart mobile device, used in public and private vehicles for ground-to-mobile communication, dispatching and tracking systems.

The G14 have a GSM/GPRS engine to perform point-to-point or Internet communications, a WiFi system for short range communications and a GPS system for positioning and tracking issues.

The basic G14 unit is capable of perform the basic vehicle control functions, as positioning control, on-line and off-line tracking, route control, etc. and inform it to the base.

The G14 unit is full user configured. Inside is running a FSM (Finite State Machine) that interpret the user configuration and performs the programmed tasks.

Communication ports - 3 internals buffered RS-232 ports
- 4 externals buffered RS-232 ports
- 1 buffered SPI port
- 1 I2C bus port
- USB 2.0 port
- Magnetic card reader input
- Dallas Button input
System - 1 Mbyte flash memory
- Real Time Clock
Communication - GSM/GPRS/SMS Modem
- GPS Receiver with Dead Reckoning
- WiFi
Power I/O - Dual switching power supply
- 8V-32V battery input
- 5 power outputs
- 8 digital inputs optoisolated
- 2 analog inputs
- Odometer input
Audio - Buzzer
- Microphone and earphone jack for hand-free speak
Security - Panic button input
- Antitamper Detection System
Optional - Bluetooth class 1 module, SPP (Serial Port Profile), HSP (Headset Profile)
- Magnetic cart reader
- Dallas Button System
- LCD Display 160 x 100 pixels B/W with alphanumeric remote control
- Affordable drive-wheel Remote Control
- Contactless card reader
- UPS Backup battery
- Graphic printer
Temperature Operating temperature: -30C. / +75C.
Developement Programmable FSM (Finite State Machine)



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