Digitax 4GMCU Mobile Control Unit

The new 4GMCU Mobile Control Unit is a full and rugged automotive system, with the new VIA C7-M ULV processor that allow high performance with low consumption thanks to the limited TDP (Thermal Design Power).

4GMCU Range Processors

The 4GMCU is available with 500Mhz up to 1.5Ghz processors.

As for all digitax products the 4GMCU is provided with all the most advanced features requested from the automotive sector giving the best compatibility with most automotive peripherals by the 9 serial ports and the 2 USB ports available.

The 4GMCU supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows CE 6.0
  • Windows XPe (Embedded)
  • Windows Embedded Standard

3GMDT Plus supported operative systems

The GPS positioning is guarantee by the new GPS U-Blox 5 receiver with 50 channels and 1 million of correlators, the first GPS receiver GALILEO compatible.

The VIA C7 (x86) architecture permits to the Digitax 4GMCU the maximum usable flexibility and the support of all Operative Systems available on the market such as Windows CE .NET 6.0, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard and Linux.

Monitor 3GMCU with navigator Monitor 3GMCU
Operating System - Microsoft Windows CE.NET V6.0
- Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
- Windows Embedded Standard
- Linux
Development Tools Rapid Application Development with Digitax SDK
CPU - Main CPU VIA C7, 500Mhz up to 1.5Ghz
- Secondary Extra CPU for Automotive Intensive Tasks (A.I.T.P)
RAM Memory 256MB up to 1GB (SO-DIMM Option)
Hard Disk Flash Disk-On-Chip with 128MB capacity up to 1GB (Solder Option)
Hidden System Disk Flash Disk with 64MB capacity
Card slot Secure Digital (SD) Card add-on Socket
UPS UPS with external battery, automatically recharged
Power Button Smart Power Button
Boot Manager Triple boot capability:
- from System Disk
- from Hard Disk
- from SD
Shutdown Manager - Safe Windows Shutdown procedure with Disk activity sensor
- Emergency Switch Input
Built-in Peripherals
Communication On-Board GPRS module with hardware MUX, with Voice capability (automotive temperature range) and fault-tolerance Double SIM Socket. Allow to swap between two network operators
Positioning On-Board U-Blox GPS Receiver with 50 channels and GALILEO compatible
Bluetooth On Board Class1 (100mt) Bluetooth with Data (Serial Port Profile) and Audio (Headset Profile)
Network On board 10/100 LAN
Audio AC97 compliant Audio, 2x1 watt
External Audio EarPhone & Headset with automatic Hands Free Exclusion
Video Input Built-In RGB Video Grabber Input for external PAL analog Camera/s (security features)
Special features
Wake Up on Ring Ring / Power On Ring (Hardware Detection - Wake Up on Ring from Remote)
Odometer Wheel Pulse Odometer input
Stealth Mode "Stealth Mode" Remote Controller (No one is able to detect that MDT has been switched ON)
Temperature Control Temperature sensor
Text To Speech State-of-the-art Loquendo add-on is available for many languages
Communication Ports - 9 Total Serial Ports
- 2 USB Ports and USB Host controller
- PS/2 Plug for standard PC Keyboard
- VGA Standard Output for External CRT or LCD Displays
- Public address Audio Output
- Audio Input Port
Digital / Analog I/O - 3 x General Purpose protected POWER OUTPUTS 1A
- 1 x Special Purpose POWER OUTPUT (Camera Power)
- 2 x General Purpose protected and filtered Digital Inputs
- 3 Special purpose High Speed filtered Digital Inputs via AITP
- 1 Special purpose High Speed filtered Digital Outputs via AITP
- 2 Analog Input Channels 12 BIT Resolution via AITP
GPS Receiver
Model U-Blox 5 GPS Receiver
Channel 50 channels
Supported Positioning System Hybrid GPS, GALILEO and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) engine
Acquisition - Cold starts: 29 s
- Warm starts: 29 s
- Aided starts: < 1s
- Hot starts: < 1 s
Accuracy - Position 2.5 m CEP
- SBAS 2.0 m CEP
Correlators Over 1 million effective correlators
Time to First Fix Under 1 second Time-To-First-Fix for Hot and Aided Starts
Sensitivity SuperSenseŽ Indoor GPS: -160 dBm tracking sensitivity
Update Rate 4 Hz position update rate
Security High immunity to jamming
Embedded Taximeter F1 Embedded taximeter module
Printer Thermal Graphic Printer
I/O Devices - Contactless card Reader/Writer
- Dallas memory button
- Wheel drive remote control
- Chip and Pin credit card pin pad
Automotive Certifications
Operating Temperature - Operating temperature range: -30° / +65°
- Storage temperature range: -40° / +80°
Mechanical strenght 3G
Vibration Sine wave, 10 ~ 500 ~10Hz, 1.5G, 0.37oct/min 3 axis, 1hour/axis
Humidity 5% to 92% (non-condensing)
Operating voltage 9 / 16Vdc - 1.2A
EMC compatibility E-marking 2006/28/CE
Radio and Communications R&TTE Directive 99/05/EC



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