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The Cooperative of Palermo Autoradiotaxi renews the Central dispatch system TDS Cloud

The Cooperative of Palermo Autoradiotaxi renews the Central allocation races TDS Cloud Digitax advantage of the latest technology.

Using the Central multi-company, it is in a position to act as call center and launch ran on behalf of other radio taxi companies such as Cagliari. In short there are additional collaborations. On board are installed Digitax 4GMCU.

The Cooperative Autoradiotaxi work in Palermo in the public transport sector for over 30 years.
Autoradiotaxi offers a large fleet consisting of 140 taxi super comfortable and equipped, including sedans, station wagons and minivans, which enable us to carry up to 8 people.

Drivers speak French and the inglese.Il exchange is in operation 24 h, with direct dialing in 20 city parking lots, operators will be at your disposal giving you all the information regarding the costs of the routes, places to visit, and will advise hotels, restaurants, pubs and all you can make satisfactory your stay.

Car Radio Taxi Palermo
Via Paolo Gili, 21

Tel: +39.091-8481/+39.091-513311/+39.091-512727
Fax: 091-512737

Tel: +39.091-8481/+39.091-513311/+39.091-512727
Fax: +.39.091-512737


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