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News detail

The Cooperative Taxi 4 mori renews the central for the dispatch confirming the technology Digitax

The cooperative of Cagliari 4 mori buying for the second time the central Digitax modernizing the whole system with the latest cloud technologies, remotizzando service call center from Central Digitax of Palermo. This guarantees to the cooperative a large cost savings and a more complete service to all its customers. Device used X-One Plus

La Cooperativa Radio Taxi 4 Mori:

The Cooperative Radiotaxi 4 Mori was born in 1981 in Cagliari, currently the largest in the whole region, has 75 cars, provides:
Service 24h a day with destinations throughout the island

booking service

guided tours in the Sardinian language, English and Spanish

vans for 6 or more people

Payment services p.o.s.

conventions for regular customers

Booking via email

personalized tours with the possibility of tasting typical products of land and sea

tour visiting events and festivals




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