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The ANAS fleet installs the new video surveillance system developed and provided by Digitax

Digitax Automotive Electronics has been awarded the tender to provide, install and maintain the new built-in, mobile system capable of tracking, high resolution video recording and broadcasting of images in real time to 19 Anas compartment operation rooms over Italy.

ANAS S.p.A.(National Autonomous Road Company) is a joint-stock, state owned Italian company whose single partner is the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, which, under the technical and operational surveillance of the Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport, manages the Italian road and motorway network.

The flexibility of the Digitax products and their advanced technology enables the company to meet all the requirements requested by the Anas project.
This project, for road safety use, includes the installation on 1,200 Anas vehicles of an advanced, built-in technological system capable of acquiring, recording and transmitting high resolution images in real time to Anas operating rooms.
Through video monitoring and the gathering of information on the state of the road and traffic conditions, the new technological system by Digitax will be capable of planning and guaranteeing faster maintenance intervention and emergency assistance over the entire national road network.
Furthermore, as confirmed by the Chairperson of Anas, Pietro Ciucci, it marks an important step forward in the process of optimising the quality and safety of traffic, with particular attention on information for the user.
Substantially, the system will speed up and rationalise emergency intervention and the repair and maintenance of our roads and enable better governing of traffic regulation processes.
Digitax Automotive Electronics, following its successful awarding and provision of the mobile information system on all of Enel S.p.A. (Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica, National Institute for the Electrical Energy) 5,500 vehicles, has become a leading company in the provision of technologically advanced products and services capable of meeting the needs of large, evolving companies.

» ANAS Press Release at www.stradeanas.it.

The ANAS fleet installs the new video su


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