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The German Radio Taxi Taxi-Ruf Bremen chooses Digitax Automotive Electronics data terminals

After a precise evaluation of various international manufacturers, through thorough in the field testing of their products, the German company TAXI-RUF BREMEN has chosen the Digitax 4GMCU on board computer, which will be installed in its entire fleet of 500 taxis.

The new 4GMCU will be supplied with a 7”, 16:9, high brightness level touch-screen monitor manufactured by Digitax; this product is managed by Com4Cab software, which is manufactured by the German company GefoS, the leading company in taxi control centre products.

The system will be installed in the first part of 2009 and will ensure the control centre provides highly efficient and technologically advanced services; this will be possible thanks to the high performance levels of the 4GMCU’s VIA C7 processor, as well as the Dual SIM, an advanced management module; this feature means having a highly secure communication platform with an extremely high level of service continuity because of its NETWORK FAULT-TOLERANCE feature.

This feature consists in Switching between operators should there be any interruptions to the signal on the GPRS communication network used by one of the operators.

The German company’s decision to choose the 4GMCU terminal among all the others is further and important confirmation of the high quality and efficiency of the new products manufactured by Digitax Automotive Electronics.

The German Radio Taxi Taxi-Ruf Bremen chThe German Radio Taxi Taxi-Ruf Bremen ch


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