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The TAXISAT co-operative registered an increase of 65% in the number of jobs after implementation of the new Digitax Automatic Taxi Dispatch System (ATDS)

The TAXISAT co-operative, operating in San Giuliano Milanese and San Donato Milanese, have recently installed the new Digitax Automatic Taxi Dispatch System (ATDS).

The ATDS is an innovative taxi fleet management system in which jobs are automatically assigned to the different taxis in a specific area, ensuring a more efficient service for both the customer and the taxi operator.

Using Algorithms based on different information from the taxis GPS position in the vicinity, and the for-hire/hired status on the taximeter, communication is enabled between the customer and the taxi-driver via the call transfer on the GSM net.

The two municipalities which have chosen the Digitax solution will take advantage of one of the most advanced control unit characteristics – Multicompany management. This particular feature allows one system to simultaneously manage many companies present in the same area, or different areas, reducing the cost of the base.

Through the management’s taxis algorithms, implemented in the system, it is possible to both reduce customers waiting times and increase the number of jobs despatched to the drivers.

Within just days of the first installation for the TaxiSat co-operative Digitax received positive feedback. During an interview with the President of the Company, Natale Gatti said "We have noticed a marked improvement in the management of the calls; we can now offer a higher coverage of the taxi service to the whole town".

Mr Gatti added "We have registered an increase of 65% in the number of jobs". The fundamental reason for such a significant increase is the effectiveness of the automatic responder inside the central unit and speed to locate a taxi, both on the basis of its position and in the call transfer to the taxi driver. This virtually eliminates the manual taking of calls.

The automatic Digitax system is the perfect solution for small to medium sized co-operatives, like San Giuliani and San Donato. As the President Gatti Natale adds, "we recommend this system to all small to medium sized taxi co-operatives. Our association consists of 15 partners and 25 taxis, we are confident that this new system will allow us to grow and increase the number of taxi units".

Every car is equipped with a Digitax G14, control unit for the GPS and for the transmission of GPRS data. This is connected to a taximeter and an external printer, or display to view the type of communication arriving from the base.

The Digitax ATDS control unit allows for advanced management of work shifts and the historical data base, including statistics and the option to record and monitor all conversations.

The TAXISAT co-operative registered an i


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