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Digitax in Partnership with Telecom Italia will provide the new Taxi Dispatching solution to the 2.000 Taxis, plus, of Milan TAXI BLU (4040)

Photo: from right Mr. Marco Erba (Telecom Italia) - Mr. Luigi Guazzotti (Digitax Italy) - Mr. Nereo Villa (Taxi Blu) - Mr. Eugenio Vallini (Taxi Blu).

Digitax Automotive Electronics in partnership with Telecom Italia, has signed an agreement for the supply of its complete Taxi Dispatch System (TDS) for TAXI BLU (4040) of Milan, with over 2.000 Taxis operative in Milan.

The Digitax TDS, includes the most advanced Call Centre (TDS) and mobile data terminal (3GMDT) software and hardware integrated-system available on the market; designed, developed and manufactured by only one company, it represents the front end of the "dispatching" systems for Taxi enterprises.

The Digitax TDS makes available an extremely flexible, programmable, and reliable solution on the GPRS Network, that provides a perfect fit for the specific requirement of any type of Taxi company, replacing obsolete, radio based communication and technology.

All Taxis within Milan Taxi Blu will be fitted with the Digitax front end mobile data terminal 3GMDT: this ultra compact unit integrates the most advanced technical and technological solutions available for this kind of application.

Telecom Italia have developed an advanced and ad-hoc network, making available the infrastructure for the dimension of traffic generated and answering the requirement of absolute GPRS communications reliability.

Telecom Italia, due to this advanced infrastructure, provides a guaranteed two-way communication between the Call Centre and Mobiles regardless of the working environment.

Digitax in Partnership with Telecom ItalDigitax in Partnership with Telecom ItalDigitax in Partnership with Telecom Ital


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