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New Digitax Taxi Dispatch System (TDS) provided to cooperativa Taxi ''4MORI'' of Cagliari

Digitax Automotive Electronics announces the signing of the contract to supply the Cooperativa 4Mori di Cagliari of the last generation GPS/GPRS new dispatching system TDS (Taxi Dispatch System), for the complete and flexible management of the Taxis fleet.

The system is composed by the Digitax front end on board devices 3G MDT Mobile Data Terminal, mounted on the cars and the Operative Central, constituted by a Hardware/Software system.

The Digitax TDS further includes the functionality “automatic work without operators”, during configurable time ranges (usually night shifts and holidays).

The Digitax Taxi Dispatch System solution, is the result of the companies innovative forward thinking and of over 25 years experience in the Taxi industry. It is the first example in Italy of utilizing GPRS technology for this kind of application, used in this specific case for data exchange and audio communication; independent from each other and completely configurable by the system managers.

New Digitax Taxi Dispatch System (TDS) p


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