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New Digitax TDS for Reggio Emilia City,

Active the new service "Emilio", with a central (Digitax TDS) daily operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, located in piazza Gioberti. The satellite system of the Call Center will direct the jobs, locate the car closest to the point of ascent, confirm to the client the number of incoming veichle and estimated time. Different class from subcompact cars to luxury cars.

"Itís was been a good first day, we did not think we would have had all this attention." Marco Ferretti and Paul Gaspari are met, holders members of the new car rental service with driver and radiotaxi "Emilio" that since yesterday is active in our city.

Emilio was born with the idea to present itself as an alternative to the taxi service, with which it shares the same function so that you can define a private taxi service, but with two significant differences: not only can you book in advance the service, but there ' it is also the preventive certainty of costs. The service does not provide for the use of the meter, and the amount is set in advance based on the distance to be covered.

"All in all it was a positive first day is a new service, and like all new things it needs to be run in - they told the two members who did not expect a start so strong - I honestly did not expect to have attention on we thus welcome the first day, instead have contacted us in so many. "

The fixed cost of the ride and the chance to book passage are the workhorse of Emilio, the element on which the two partners aim a lot, and also generated some controversy with the taxi drivers. But Ferretti and Gaspari said they are not interested in the controversy: "We are interested in just giving a service to the city and then we're not even taking into account the controversies or respond to them - concluded the two - We are interested to grow an adequate service to the city and to the customer's expectations. "

Emilio owns one central reservations, equipped with the most innovative satellite systems for receipt of requests for rides Taxi NCC, their sorting and assignment. The Emilio service is also easily accessible anywhere there is an internet connection through the appropriate application and by phone, for those who had the pleasure of speaking to an operator.

The central Emilio operative, which has its headquarters in Piazza Gioberti, responds to the number 0522.1911.


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