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Digitax supplies V-Link MERU Taxi with 3.000 3GMDTs

Digitax Automotive Electronics supplies V-Link “MERU Taxi” with 3.000 3GMDT Mobile data terminals, which are already installed and in use in the entire fleet of taxis in the MERU project.

MERU is one of the most important taxi companies in India; its services were initially extended to provide services in the city Mumbai, and this project is now expanding to Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore.

It currently has a fleet of over 3000 vehicles which will increase because of this ambitious project, as stated in an interview by the General Manager of V-Link, Mr. Neeraj Gupta, “We are in a unique position to expand our radio taxi business across India as we have gained tremendous experience in the demanding Mumbai market over the last year.

We have engaged the best-in-c1ass service providers to build the service delivery and technology elements for this project.

The extension of this project to Bangalore is reinforced by a contract signed in February of this year for the provision of its taxi transport services in the city’s new International airport; in fact, V-Link had the only Radio Taxi service which satisfied all the governmental criteria for the provision of this type of service in Bangalore.

“In Bangalore & Hyderabad, our taxis are dedicated far airport passenger services far the upcoming International Airport in the city. This radio taxi service does not only caters to the demand of passengers commuting to and from the new International airport, but is also available to the city's public transport.”

The strong point of the services provided by MERU is the high level of technology used for their equipment; thanks to the installation of Digitax 3GMDT mobile data terminals, the transmission of data via a GPRS network, and localisation via GPS satellites, the company is in fact able to enormously increase the quality of its services.

“There is a Mobile Communication Terminal (MCT) inside each taxi which has a built-in GPS receiver, LCD display screen and GPRS connectivity, which helps the driver to communicate with the control room” the director added, and in the terminal “latitude and longitude information is plotted on GIS map far real-time tracking”.

The company provides its customers with a series of excellent services, as well as the certainness of the correctness of the fare applied to each customer, thanks to the robustness of the digital anti intrusion device which all the taximeters are equipped with; also, the fares relative to all the trips are communicated and recorded in the control centre.

“V Link also uses its technology for ensuring that there is a very responsive "Lost and Found" tracking system in place so that any item left behind inadvertently in a Meru cab can be traced to the vehicle that the reporting customer has used.”

“Another feature is the Panic button that is installed in the Meru car, which enables the driver to connect to the Control Centre in case of an emergency or mishap.”

Digitax Automotive Electronics has been asked to participate in this important project, which is an excellent test for the launching and use of its products by the by now technological and advanced usage required by transport services in India.

Digitax supplies V-Link MERU Taxi with 3


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