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Digitax supplies CERT INFOTRACK Telematics with 7,500 on-board terminals

Digitax Automotive Electronics signed an agreement with CERT Infotrack Telematics for the supply of 7,500 on-board computers for the multi company dispatch system operating on the entire Abu Dhabi taxi fleet.

The CERT multi-companies centralized dispatch centre manage the Job dispatch service for the seven Abu Dhabi taxi companies, each with over 1,050 vehicles.

Digitax design under CERT Infotrack Telematics commitment the state of the art Mobile Data Terminal for this specific taxi application capable of satisfying its needs and specific requirements.

The new product that has resulted from this agreement is the ITL 901, an on-board computer that is highly reliable and responds to all the specific requirements of the taxi sector with functionalities that are aimed at job dispatching and fleet management.

The ITL 901 terminal based on Microsoft Windows CE operating system and x86 processor is a Mobile Data Terminal specifically designed for professional taxi applications.

This new Digitax product is a touch screen friendly use Job dispatch data terminal, equipped with a built-in GPRS modem for data communications, a GPS receiver for position tracking and an embedded taximeter for fare computing.

The ITL901 also includes external peripherals as passenger detector, receipt thermal printer and optionally an InfraRed Camera for On Line security purposes.

The operating centre and the ITL 901 terminals runs with the software produced by CERT InfoTrack Telematics, a member of the CERT Group of Companies.


Information on the CERT Group of Companies

The CERT Group of Companies is the commercial branch of Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates, the largest private University in the Middle East.

CERT is the biggest investor in MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) in the invention and marketing of technology, with an investment of over 35 million dollars in 2007.

In 2005, CERT signed the biggest Telematic agreement in history with IBM, which has resulted in the development of telematic technology in the United Arab Emirates.

CERT owns three super-computing centres in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

CERTís Super Computer Blue Gene gives 5.7 TeraFlop calculation speed for companies focused on bio-technology, nano-technology and genetic research, as well as gas and petroleum simulation projects.

The CERT Technology Park in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the home of international companies such as Intel, Honeywell and Lucent Technologies.

Information on InfoTrack Solutions

InfoTrack Solutions is a company specialised in the supply of fleet management systems and Automatic Taxi Dispatch Systems, with many years experience in supplying GPRS / Wireless transmitters.

The strong point of this company from Singapore is the extremely high flexibility it achieves in producing and developing its own products totally in-house, using a team of engineers with over 20 years experience in the telematic industry and in fleet management.

Digitax supplies CERT INFOTRACK Telemati


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