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Digitax obtains the European patent MID for the Taximeters complete series

Digitax Automotive Electronics has recently obtained the European Patent MID (Measuring Instruments Directive: directive 2004/22/EC, ANNEX MI007), for their complete range of taximeter’s, including the highly desirable and innovative M1, Mirror Meter which incorporates a rear view mirror with a high specification taximeter.

The Italian Company is the first in Europe to obtain such certification for this product within this category.

The MID Standard has been introduced in Europe through the directive 2004/22/EC of European Parliament and Council, related to the measuring instruments directive. The dead line for obtaining the standard in object was the 30 of April 2007. From that date forward all new taximeters fitted to vehicles (taxis) must be certified by the NMI (Netherlands Meter Instituut) Certification organisation

The NMI issues detailed test reports on certified products, validating the compliance to stringent manufacturing standards including, electro magnetic compatibility etc…

Click on the following link for detailed information on the Digitax Mirror Taximeter model M1.

For an insight in to the complete range of Digitax Taximeters, please visit the taximeters section.Digitax obtains the European patent MID


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