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Digitax obtains MID directive Module D certification

Digitax, which has been a leading company in the taxi-meter sector for over thirty years, has achieved the conformity of its manufacturing process to module D of the European directive 2004/22/CE.

The European directive 2004/22/CE, better known as the MID (Measuring-Instruments-Directive) directive is a European community directive that is applied to measurement instruments, and it regulates their manufacturing, marketing and service implementation.

Module D is a part of the conformity evaluation procedure by which the manufacturer, who must have a quality management system approved by a Certification Entity, declares that an instrument conforms to the model described in the module’s examination certificate and satisfies the necessary requirements in the application of metrological adjustment.

The module D conformity declaration permits the manufacturer, which operates with a quality management system in relation to its manufacturing, production and metrological testing processes, to apply a supplementary metrological logo (M) in the final production phase, placed alongside the CE marking.

Digitax Automotive Electronics has achieved this certification from the Spanish company Applus+ thanks to the extremely high quality of its production processes in the entire production cycle.
In fact, each product is subjected to electrical, thermal and visual testing during all production phases, thereby guaranteeing extremely high quality finished products.

This certification is additional confirmation of the extremely high quality of the production processes and finished products of this Italian company, a requirement which is now fundamental and strictly necessary to satisfy the advanced and rigid requirements of the automotive industry.

Digitax obtains MID directive Module D cDigitax obtains MID directive Module D c


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