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Digitax chooses Sygic navigation for their taximeter, fleet tracking and fleet management solutions globally

Digitax Automotive Electronics has chosen Sygic FLEET to be integrated in their mobile data terminals, fleet tracking and further automotive solutions world-wide.

Digitax has chosen Sygic to deliver a fully customized turn-by-turn voice guided navigation solution compatible with the whole range of Digitax hardware taximeters, mobile data terminals and rugged devices - in order for Digitax to provide its customers with complete solutions for fleet tracking and fleet management, taxi services, field services, etc.
The areas of employment of Digitax products and solutions include Public Transport, Multiservices, Taxis, Emergency and Aid vehicles, Police, Rail Transport and Commercial Vehicles.

"The partnership between Digitax Automotive Electronics and Sygic allows to provide a complete and flexible solution for fleet management, tracking and job dispatching." says Valerio Marchetti, Digitax Development Engineer.

"The new ForceOne, mobile data terminal and/or taximeter, for example, will allows to replace all car devices, like navigator device, entertainment solution, data terminal, taximeter and all their required cables with only one professional automotive solution able to perform all these functionalities."

ForceOne with Sygic Navigator

Sygic has rich experience and strong background in delivering industrial navigation software, incl. Software Development Kits (SDKs), enabling solution providers and corporate customers' IT departments to easily integrate the navigation option and further industry-specific features of Sygic FLEET into their IT solutions.

Sygic also develops and sells its navigation products for a range of further mobile devices, incl. mobile phones and smartphones under the brand name Sygic Mobile Maps. "The feedback from mix of corporate and consumer users of Sygic's navigation products at present ensures that we constantly listen and keep up with the up-to-date needs of a wide scale of devices and applications." says Anna Hurbanic, Sygic's PR Manager.

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More information about Sygic FLEET: http://www.sygic.com/index.php/en/fleet.html
More information about Sygic FLEET SDK: http://www.sygic.com/index.php/en/sdkapi.html
Contact for media information - Sygic: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager, ahurbanic@sygic.com
Contact for media information - Digitax: Marina Guazzotti, PR Manager, marina@digitax.com

About Sygic www.sygic.com

ForceOne with Sygic Navigator

Sygic develops and sells turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation for a wide range of mobile and vehicle-integrated devices.
Sygic delivers its GPS software worldwide in more than 20 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Malay, Greece, Russian and nearly all European languages, working together with map providers to support maps for all regions.
Sygic cooperates strongly with leading PND, phone and PMP manufactures worldwide to bring the latest technology to the market.
Sygic supports major OS's: Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Linux, Android, Windows XP/Vista, Windows CE, and its applications have has been approved on more than 200 devices.
Sygic's major competitive advantages are based on navigation experience from professionals: intuitive user interface, fast rendering and route calculation, low demand on processors and memory, automatic screen resolution adaptation, smart recognition and self-setting to keyboard or touch screen operation and above all the multiplatform engine, all this to make the application start quickly and run smoothly on any device.
The company was founded in 2004 with a vision to operate as a strong, technically oriented company in order to bring innovative products for the LBS/ Navigation market.
Sygic and the Sygic logo are registered trademarks of Sygic

About Digitax Automotive Electronics www.digitax.com

Digitax Automotive Electronics

For over 30 years, Digitax Automotive Electronics is the worldwide leader in automotive computing through the design, production and marketing of on board devices for vehicles aimed for commercial, public and professional transport of people and goods.
Digitax products are focused in Info mobility solutions, Mobile Data Terminals, Telematic black boxes, Vehicular PCs, Taximeters and on board peripherals.
The application in which Digitax Automotive Electronics solution and devices are concerned are the most varies application sector, such as the Public Transport, Multiservices, Taxis, Emergency and Aid vehicles, Police, Rail Transport and Commercial Vehicles for fleet tracking, fleet management and job dispatching.
Digitax commercializes its products in over 50 countries, with over 1 million devices installed on various transport vehicles.
The ISO 9001:2000 certified company, offers a very high standard of quality and reliable solutions, supported by the continuous assistance to the client, always granting effective and customized answers, measured up to the most ambitious expectations.

Digitax chooses Sygic navigation for the


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