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Computer Cab plc and Digitax Automotive Electronics sign groundbreaking deal for the complete fleet of 3500 cabs.

London’s largest taxi operator, Computer Cab plc, and the world’s leading taximeter manufacturer, Digitax, have signed a deal for Digitax to supply  the leading radio circuit with its groundbreaking 3GMDT in-cab terminal.
The deal makes the Computer Cab system the most technologically advanced in the UK, with the latest in cutting-edge in-cab devices.

John Lee, CEO for Computer Cab plc, said: "Our new system will operate on new platforms and provide unique innovations for our customers and drivers. We believe the Digitax 3G MDT is the right device to take us into the future and ahead of our competitors. This not only gives us an enormous leap ahead but will set a benchmark for every taxi circuit that exists. I am delighted with our decision which is the right choice for our business, our fleet and our customers."

The deal also marks a significant step upwards in the UK market for the Italian-based Digitax, which already dominates the world market for in-cab taximeters. The 3G MDT is testimony to Digitax's commitment to technological excellence.

Fleet Operations Manager for Computer Cab plc, Malcolm Paice, added: "Our drivers already know the Digitax name because their taximeters are among the most reliable in the London market. It is great to be able to offer our drivers that same quality of product in the form of the 3G MDT."

Computer Cab plc and Digitax Automotive


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